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Being born and raised in Georgia and living in the Atlanta area over 20 years, I can tell you that the Atlanta Metro Area can be a big place.  There are so many cities, neighborhoods, pockets, and areas where each place can be much different than the place next door.  But what we like to do with the Atlanta House Nerds is do everything to make Atlanta small.  And to make such a large metropolitan area like Atlanta small is by sectioning areas into neighborhoods.  This is where The Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood by The Atlanta House Nerds provides a place online for anyone looking to buy a new home in the area within Atlanta to learn more about the area, what homes are available, if there are homes with amenities like a pool or basement, and where to catch the latest Open Houses.  We provide photos, video, and articles that support our efforts in providing you with information to learn more about the area.

We travel the Atlanta Metro Area helping clients find houses and sell their existing houses.  We want you to check out the places in the Atlanta Metro Area that may be the next place you buy your next home.  We are adding new locations all the time that includes information about the location and even any content that will help make this large metro area in Atlanta, feel even smaller for you.

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