Why Should You #ChooseANerd? I Can Give You 3 Reasons

Why Should You #ChooseANerd? I Can Give You 3 Reasons

And after 24 hours, over 40 showing requests and visits, and multiple strong offers, our clients have found an offer they like and we are officially Under Contract. Yaaaaaay!!!

As soon as we posted this property, our phones, email, and text blew up. We worked with the homeowners to get it staged, photographed properly, and a high quality professional video to add the cherry on the top. We take pride in our brand The Atlanta House Nerds and that carries over to our clients.

Why should you #ChooseANerd? I can give you 3 reasons:

  1. Educate

  2. Communicate

  3. Operate

We educate our clients. We explain from top to bottom, left to right, what to expect and even how to prepare for the unexpected. We understand that many have not been through this process before. So it’s important that we educate our clients on the process. And do it in a way that’s easy to process and provide the much needed context as we continue through the process.

We stay in communication with our clients. With so many channels like phone calls, texts, messenger, and visits, we want to be sure to use what’s available to stay in constant communication with you. Oh yes, just like doctors who make house calls, The Atlanta House Nerds make house calls too and will visit in person. Communication is the key to getting a house ready to list, then listed, then under contract, then closed. This communication does not end with our clients, but we have to communicate with other agents about the property. We have to keep a good line of communication open so that the ball doesn’t get dropped. As I have said before, we are ‘Gap Fillers’.

We operate in a professional manner. We respect our clients. We genuinely want to help our clients. We want to make this a smooth process for them, so it’s important for us to do the little things to help aid in that. We have to be able to operate and execute our game plan. Each and every client has a unique game plan built just for them. Just like in sports, you would never execute the same game plan each game. You must come up with a unique, winning game plan to win. And we love to win. Because when you win, we win.

So if you are looking to sell your home, give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email or messenger message. If you are looking to buy a home, you can do the same.

We are all about the experience, The Atlanta House Nerds Experience, and when you #ChooseANerd, we promise that we will take you on a ride unlike any when it comes to buying or selling your home in the Atlanta Metro.

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