How To Sell My Home Using A Seller Representative Specialist (SRS)

Getting your home sold is the #1 priority when you are looking to sell your home. But just selling your home is only half the battle. You need to get the most for your home and also sell it in the fastest way possible. Working with a Seller Representative Specialist like myself can get you all 3!

A Seller Representative Specialist understands what’s needed to be done to get your home sold, sold for the most money, and the fastest time frame possible. It is my job as a Seller Representative Specialist here in the Atlanta area to work through the details of your transaction and use my skills as a SRS (Seller Representative Specialist) to give you the edge when it comes to selling your home in Gwinnett or anywhere in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Being a Seller Representative Specialist in the Atlanta area means that I have the necessary skills to negotiate on your behalf. It’s one thing to accept an offer, but it’s another to accept the right offer! It is my job to help give you all the information that you need to pick the correct offer. Understanding what’s in the offer help you and helps you know if you are getting the best deal or need to counter to get the best deal for your home.

I am committed to providing you with expert advice and support during this transaction of selling your home. Home sellers in the Atlanta metro area have so many iBuyers and other agents out there who will put your home on the MLS, add a sign in the yard, and call it a day. With our 10 Point Marketing plan, we go beyond doing just that and expand your marketing efforts by using things like 4K Video, high-quality photos, social media marketing & advertising, as well as using other technology to get your home in front of the right buyers who want to buy your home.

If you are still looking for someone to help you sell your home or curious about selling your home, you want to choose a real estate agent that has a SRS designation (Seller Representative Specialist). And lucky you, I have that designation 🙂

Give me a call 404-654-3595 or you can use our contact page. I look forward to assisting you.


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