Buying A New Home In The Atlanta Area During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has totally changed how we operate in our lives and forever changed history. Things have not been much different in real estate. Since March, I don’t know how many times I worry about my wife as she go out to show homes and list homes. I can’t recount the many times I have reminded her ‘wear your mask…be sure to wash and sanitize…keeps your shoes in the garage’. I know at times we get tired of hearing it, but in these days, it is a necessary reminder.

For buyers looking for homes during Covid-19, things are not as different. As buyers go out with agents, they go through the same exercise. But some of the things that buyers looking for homes during covid-19 are dealing with can be a multitude of things. “Is my job secure? Are there homes available for me? Is it the right time to move?”

These are some of the questions we get when working with buyers looking for new homes in the Atlanta area. Although business slowed some, we thank God that we were able to still assist many families during this time to sell and buy their home. And I know watching the news or talking to loved ones may look a little bleak, but I can tell you that if you are looking for homes in the Atlanta area, there are more than enough on the market for you to find.

True enough, there have been job losses since March and depending on how we recover from this, more may be on the horizon, but we all must have somewhere to stay. One of the encouraging things during this time is how banks have provided forbearances and relief during this time. Although no one wants to lose their job, but you have banks more willing to listen to customer’s unique situations to work with them.

You also have sellers out there who still need to sell their home. Some sellers either pulled their listing early on and are back on the market, or some were concerned about having people in their homes and now feel a little more comfortable with people coming to view their home. You have more listings requesting agents to bring in clients with their mask and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on.

And one thing that makes it a really good time to buy a new home during Covid-19 is historic lows in mortgage rate. There has never been a time in our history where you can get sub-3% mortgage rates. This was unheard of before and now it is a reality. To be able to secure a new home with a low mortgage rate is one of the best reasons that you need to buy a new home during Covid-19 if you are thinking about buying a new home.

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