Why finding homes for sale in Buford City School District is difficult?

High demand for homes in the Buford City Schools District

Homeschool families are attracted to the benefits of living in Buford City Schools. Unfortunately, finding homes for sale in Buford City School District can be difficult. If one is looking for a single family home in good condition, there are only a few to choose from. This leaves buyers to either settle for homes that require much more work, or buy a different style of home with the same commute time. However if you have an extra $25000-35k set aside and want your own house which has never been lived before then we may just find something perfect on our road! It’s highly unlikely someone will drive all day everyday through traffic trying get into their driveway but it could happen. The main reason people give when asked why they bought here: A great neighborhood (23%)Budget/savings – don’t pay taxes because i am not going anywhere else(16%), better schools than where I live now. The only drawback is there are no jobs near me so my job would be to move closer unless anyone wants help in any way? If this happens well what do u think?

Buford City Schools also boasts phenomenal sports programs that have won multiple region and state championships. The players who go to Buford City Schools are highly coveted for college scholarships. And the facilities where the athletes can train is second to none. Being able to purchase a home in the Buford City School District becomes even more difficult because as with most athletes, they want to compete with the best and train with the best as well as play for championships and kids who attend Buford City Schools will do just that. It’s not all about the athletics, but the academics are top notch as well as their arts program are one of the top in the state. So purchasing a new home in the Buford City School District is truly investing in your kids’ future.

Low inventory finding homes for sale in the Buford City School District

Homes for sale in Buford City Schools are difficult to come by. The housing market is experiencing a surplus of homes, but the supply of homes for sale in the Buford City School District is limited. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest contributing factors is the number of available vacant land parcels in the area. Homes can be built on these existing lots or new building permits could begin construction any day now as they have been issued and approved over two years ago with little progress being made since then – all because there has not yet even really begun development within schools that would require permit approvals from local city officials other than those required by Georgia Building Code requirements which vary based upon lot size (how much space you need to build your house).

This year we had several opportunities at public meetings where neighbors asked questions regarding their concerns about proposed school projects: how long does it take before our neighborhood will see traffic congestion? How many classrooms are needed for the number of students in a given area or district, etc.? We were assured repeatedly during these open forums held as part-of this project’s planning process is underway on multiple fronts. That was until they actually began construction recently!

Unaffordability of homes for sale in the Buford City School District

Homes in the Buford City School District are becoming more and more unaffordable. This is due to the area’s growth, which has caused real estate prices to soar. As a result, residents are finding it difficult to find homes for sale in this district.

While there are still some inexpensive listings on the market, they are scarce and once they are gone, they are generally replaced by higher priced homes.

Many people are finding it impossible to find homes for sale in the Buford City Schools district. The reason is because prices are high and most of the homes that are listed on realtor websites are above the median price.

The median price of a home in this area is $200,000 according to Redfin.com. This means there’s only about 4% or less availability from what I can tell online with my friends being able sell their houses faster than they bought them just last year around 6-7 months ago after selling out all four offers before putting any into contract! It’s been very discouraging.

“Most parents don’t want something as small anymore since having 3 kids now which was unheard off when we were first married 5 years back then so things changed quickly even though everyone said raising three would be easy.” -Samantha G.

“I’m 31 and have two children: an 18 month old girl & the baby boy that will turn 7 next week (born on 8/17). My husband is 33, has a 16 yo daughter…and both us are tired of living in our tiny house while still paying bills etc. We’d love to move but my DH says he doesn’t know if it feels right yet because they’re getting older. I’ve had people tell me about how moving out with your kid makes you feel like giving up after awhile too!”-Melissa M., 30+ BABY SITTER!


Often times when looking for a new home, the determining factor is the school district. However, in Buford City Schools, there is a limited number of homes available and the ones that are on the market are not always in good shape or close to schools. This means many parents do end their search at this point without even seeing what else may be located within reachable distance from them outside city limits. Although finding these types of places can take more time than buying through an agent who specializes exclusively working towards real estate transactions as well. If you are thinking about buying a new home in Buford, and want to live in the Buford City School District, let’s talk because although it is difficult to find homes available, we have been able to find homes for our clients. They are living there and they are very, very happy, so don’t hesitate to send us an email (info@atlantahousenerds.com) or call us at 404-654-3595

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