Things Home Sellers Should Know When Selling Their Home In Atlanta

One of the things that come along with the joyous day of buying a new home is the day that you decide to sell your home. And selling your home can be a very emotional time. It is hard to depart from a place where you have lived for years, maybe raised a family, lived with loved ones, or be forced to sell due to a live event.

#ChooseANerd When Selling Your Home

The Atlanta House Nerds Real Estate Team is well equipped for helping you sell your home. We have worked with many home sellers to provide the knowledge, professionalism, and empathy needed for selling your home for top dollar and within the time frame we need. Understanding the market is key to selling your home because the first thing we need to determine is the correct price to sell your home. Without the right price, your home can sit on the market longer than it needs to or it could sell for less than what you could have sold it for.

But Can’t I Sell My Home Myself

But we understand that there are some home sellers out there who think that they can sell their homes on their own. And there are homeowners who do sell. But too many of them realize just how much work it is. You don’t want to be fielding phone inquiries and setting up showing appointments. Also getting professional photos and video to showcase your home to get showing appointments. You also won’t have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which wll showcase your home to 1000’s of agents who have buyers who may be looking for your home. And along with other services, we handle all of the transaction for you which can save you money and also make you money by having everything staged, priced, and showcased correctly.

Free Home Seller’s Guide To Selling Your Home In Atlanta

Check out our free seller’s guide below that will give you an idea of what this process is, and once you have checked it out, let’s talk.

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The Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide

Thank you for checking out my exclusive Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide For Clients Looking To Sell Their Home in Atlanta. As you know, the growth of Atlanta Metro has exploded and with the explosion comes a huge demand for places to live. And because of that demand, finding homes is much harder. This is why having a proper selling strategy, you can enter the market and sell for top dollar and be on the market a short time.

Here is a guide that can help you get started on your journey of selling your home in the Atlanta Metro area. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone (404.654.3595 / 770-475-1130 x2612) or email (

Deciding to sell

For many people, selling their home can be very emotional. Depending on how long and events to take place in or during the time living there, there can be a lot attachment. It can be difficult and it is also a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Understanding that once you have sold the house, there needs to be a new place ready for you to move into, whether you are buying a new home, renting, moving in with family and friends, etc.

Does the sale of the home need to be fast or can you keep the home on the market longer if you can’t find the right buyer offer? The primetime to sell your home is typically during Spring/Summer. And selling in Fall and Winter can have it’s challenges, but with a little patience and work, it will sell during this time as well.

When trying to come up with a timeline for selling, you must understand that even having everything perfect (price, repairs, staging, great market), the home could not sell in the timeframe you anticipate. So developing a proper timeline for selling and moving is very important and should be discussed with your agent.

When deciding to sell, you will need to decide on if you will do some repairs or improvements before putting your home on the market. Depending on the conditions of the home, it may be crucial to the sale of your home to repair or improve on areas within your home.

Do your due diligence and research

Most home shoppers and sellers start their real estate journey online and you should do you due diligence and do as much research as you can to learn more about your home and the market. Although many of the sites online don’t have the accuracy as the systems real estate agents would use, but it can give you an idea of where you are and aid in your discussion when you start your conversation with real estate professionals.

When you do your research, be sure to gather what you have and provide and discuss with a real estate professional.


One of the most important parts of your home selling journey is finding a good listing agent. A good listing agent understand not only the market, but also how to get your home sold at the right price and time frame. Although there are home sellers who decide to sell on their own to save some money, in the end working with a real estate agent will get your home sold faster and for top dollar. And instead of fielding buyer calls, showing appointments, and trying to negotiate and stay within the law, your agent will take care of all of that for you.

Yes, I know, I am a REALTOR® so may be a little bit biased, but because I am a REALTOR® and a home owner, I understand about the process and this process has a lot of hills and valleys, and many times it’s not for the faint of heart. There are those out there that believe that ‘you can do it on your own’, but not realize all of the knowledge a REALTOR® brings to the table to keep you legal, keep you from costly mistakes, but also REALTORs are able to provide you with direct access to properties during your search.

A REALTOR® will work on your behalf while you work, while you are with your friends and family, and even while you sleep. REALTORs have seen many homes and they can help you navigate the journey and they will do the work for you.

They need to be experienced and understand the housing market. They also need to be someone you are comfortable working with because once you find a REALTOR®, you will be communicating with them constantly until you close on your property and that could takes as little as days on up to months.

During the time of finding a real estate listing agent, you will want to review the Marketing Plan they will roll out for you. You will want to know their thoughts on what price they think the house will sell for, how will they get eyeballs on your home listing, and is this someone I want negotiating on my behalf. Real estate agents today have to go beyond sticking a sign in the yard and throwing up the listing on the MLS.

To get the eyeballs needed to sell your home, an agent who knows how to showcase your home online and on social media is one of the big keys to getting your home sold. Will they use professional, high quality photos and videos or will they be trying to shoot it from their iPhone. Beautiful pictures and video will help your home get the showing appointments needed and an agent you should decide on will understand this and have it part of their marketing plan for your home.

A good listing agent will understand the market and know how long your home should be on the market based on past sales, the price decided on, and condition of the house.

Hire An An Agent & Finalize Listing Price

It is important that you choose a real estate agent that has your best interest at heart and that you feel the more comfort with as well as who you feel can deliver. Be sure to always check reviews from past clients as it will help you to know what kind of experience they had and what you can look forward to. Here are a few links to our reviews and testimonials:

Once you have decided on a listing agent, you will need to finalize on a selling price. As much as you would like to price your home high to get a lot of profit, it is important to know that pricing your home incorrectly can greatly impact whether your home sells or not. It is something that combined with market research and condition of your home, you can then come up with the best price for selling your home for the most profit and least amount of time.

Home Staging When Selling Your Home

Now that you have a price locked in, it is important to begin the staging plan. A lot of the staging will be decluttering and removing personal items. If there is a budget for staging, a professional stager may come in and give you their vision or work with the vision of your agent and you can agree on.

It is important to keep your home clean during the process as you will have different people coming in at different times to walk through your home.

During this time, it is important that you rely on the professionals as sometimes as homeowners, we are so attached to how we think our home should look instead of staging your home in a way to sell it for what buyers are looking for.

Listing Photos & Video

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, there is a lot of truth to it. A listing that does not include photos or photos that don’t do a home justice gets less showings than a listing that includes good, professional photos that highlight the home’s best features. Be sure that when working with a real estate agent, they provide high quality photos within their package. For all of our listings, we make sure that every listing is show professionally using wide angle, DSLR lenses that allows buyers to view the angles they need to make a decision on if they want to tour the home or not.

Using iPhone/Mobile Phone photos will not cut it! As well as these devices have come in shooting photos, they don’t have the wide lenses, the specs to compare to a professional eye and professional camera.

But if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Video tours allow home buyers with a way to look through your home through video. We provide each of our listing clients with 4K, high definition videos to provide the cherry-on-top when if comes to showcasing your home in the best light possible. This also requires a professional eye and camera that is on gimbal to ensure that you don’t have camera shake. This is also not a slide show of still photos, but actual video footage and motion. Be sure that when talking with a listing agent, do they include video within their listing package and review a sample of a listing video.

Marketing Channels For Selling Your Home

Selling homes in the past would just include putting a sign in the yard and putting the information on the MLS. But as time has gone on and technology has come to the forefront, we have so many channels to put your listing in front of more buyers.

You definitely want to have your listing on the listing agent’s website. But also utilizing their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTUBE) to get more eyeballs than just the MLS, ride-bys, and Zillow. For our team, we also spend money to advertise on Facebook and Instagram to get even more eyeballs, post to YouTUBE and Facebook Videos.

Using these other marketing channels allow us to be able to use data to understand what’s working and what’s not, if our listing video is connecting with buyers and also lots of content to be able to share through our marketing channels. Sure, there are agents out there who do the minimum, but why settle with doing the minimum when selling your home when there are so many channels available and because we have built systems, we are able to efficient market your home.

Showings When Selling Your Home

When buyers have decided that they would like to get a first-hand look at your home, a showing time is scheduled. It is important that you work with your real estate agent to let them know if you are able to show your home at certain times or if something comes up so that they can update your availability. No one should be touring your home without a licensed agent and without an appointment. This is not only for safety, but also it is proper etiquette.

Be sure that while your home is being toured to keep your home nice and tidy. Buyers will understand that the home is still being lived in, but keeping that home messy is not a good reflection on the home. It may make a potential buyer think that the home was not properly taken care of and cast doubt in their minds that this is the home for them. If there are any issues after a showing, be sure to contact your listing agent to make them aware in case they need to reach out to the buyer agent about the issue.

If you are not able to leave the home during a showing, try to allow the buyer to freely roam around the home to view it. Also, if there are comments, do not take it to heart. We know that you have an emotional attachment to the home, the potential buyer hasn’t had that luxury.

Negotiating Price & Terms Selling Your Home

Once you get showings in, there is a good chance that you may have offers to come in. It is important to review these offers with your agent. Just because someone offers list price, there are other factors that determine if this is a good offer and the biggest thing is, can they close.

Your agent who has been in situations like this can put together the offers and provide the pro’s and con’s. During this time, things can get testy as buyers can seem like they aren’t willing to play ball. But it is always important to know that if it does not make sense to you, it is quite ok to walk away from the offer.

Sign Purchase Agreement

Once you have found an offer that fits your needs, it is time to sign the purchase agreement that includes closing, purchase price, earnest money, and other contingencies that finalize the agreement. Now it’s time that the buyer does things like inspections, appraisals, and obtain their financing.


Hopefully you are at the closing table with your keys, garage door remotes, and other information for the buyers coming to the table. Once you sign all documents, you have sold your home and now you can focus on moving into your new home.

You did it!


I know that this was a lot to process and take in with this guide, but the steps are necessary. If you have any questions about this guide or any other questions that were prompted after reading this guide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and my team. I love working and helping people sell their homes and make the process as smooth as possible.

If you know someone who may be able to benefit from this guide, you are more than welcome to forward this to them.

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