Hey Christopher & Sancha, why should I #ChooseANerd when I can sell my house myself?

Don’t Let Your Home Sit On The Market Too Long

So, you have come to the decision to sell your house. You already know that one of the main things you need to do in order to sell your house for top, market dollar is to make your house as attractive and presentable as possible for potential buyers. If you are selling your house in the Atlanta area, although the market for selling your house in Atlanta is hot, buyers aren’t going to automatically buy your house for sell if they can’t picture themselves in your current house.

Clean and Declutter Your House For Sell

So you already know that you need to make sure that your house is clean and decluttered. If you are still living in your house while you are trying to sell your house, just make sure that while the house is listed, keep the house tidy. If you can put items in storage during this time, this will help to keep the house from being too cluttered which can make it difficult for buyers to see themselves living in your house.
Stage Your House
You don’t have to go out and get a interior designer, just freshen up the place with neutral colors, bedspreads and pillows, and properly position furniture so it makes it easier for buyers to love your house when they walk in. Sure, you may love the lime green throw pillows, but by having neutral colored pillows, it will help to keep the image of your house toned down.

Seek A Professional

I am a professional. I am a REALTOR® and it is my duty to help you. So it is my job to keep up with the latest federal and state laws when it comes to real estate. I will help answer any questions, keep the process smooth, market the property, and take care of the bulk of the work needed to sell a house. I am not saying that you can’t sell your house yourself. People do it all of the time. But if your time is valuable to you and the longer the house is on the market, the more money out of your pocket for the mortgage, and a house on the market for a while will can make buyer leary of why it hasn’t been sold and is the price right. So what usually happens the price begins to freefall. A professional will use market research to help you come up with the proper price to sell.

Check out some videos below where I talk about selling you house and how choosing a team like ours can be beneficial to you financially and mentally.


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Part 2 (Don’t let your house sit on the market just to try and save some money)

Part 3

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