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So you are thinking about buying a new construction home in the Atlanta area? That’s great! There are many builders building new homes in the Atlanta area every day. It is important to know that buying a new construction home isn’t quite as simple as it seems. Sure, you can walk into a location and talk with the on-site agent, find a home, and put in a contract. But there is so much to a real estate transaction that warrants the need for a professional real estate agent to help you with finding and closing on your new construction home.

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Talk With A Real Estate Agent Before Visiting A Subdivision

When searching, it is important to talk with a real estate agent before visiting new construction properties as most real estate agents will have present or past relationships with local builders. One would think that working with new construction is easy, but in cases, it can come with complications that an experienced real estate agent can help you navigate. Remember, the on-site agent is working on behalf of the builder, not you. They will work in the best interest of the builder as they are working for them. So having your own real estate agent for new construction is key.

The On-Site Agent Works For The Builder, Not You

To clear up any misconceptions, a real estate agent working for you will not cost you anything! Their payment will come from the builder, so you get the services of a professional real estate agent without most of the headache of the transaction like inspections, appraisals, pre-drywall, post dry-wall, walkthroughs, etc. Having a real estate agent fight your battles when issues come up with a fixture not being in the right place or staying on top of your build progress is what you will get, free of charge from your real estate agent.

Understand What Is Needed When Building A New Home

With new construction, there are things you need to understand about what needs to be in there so that when you move in, you aren’t second guessing your purchase. You will be asked things like outlets, kinds of light fixtures, cable outlets, do you want network cabling, the type of countertops, and much, much more. And don’t forget that you will want to mount that nice 65″ tv in your living or master area, and having the builder wire it and prepare the area or areas is very important and will save you money in the long run. A seasoned agent will know all of these things to help guide you so that you aren’t racking up too many builder fees of things you can maybe do after you have moved in and may have better quality and price.

No One Has Lived There Before You

Another great thing about buying new construction is knowing that no one else has lived there. You don’t have to worry about things like has the roof been leaking and I have an accident waiting to happen and more. When you move in, you will know all that happens with your home instead of inheriting someone else’s problematic home that was a ticking timebomb.

All New Construction Builders Are Not Alike

Understand that although you may have a nationally known builder that you love their designs and craftsmanship, you are working with the local builder and office, so you experience can vary. So when shopping for new construction it is important that if you don’t have inside information about the subdivision you want to move into, that you utilize the relationships a real estate agent would have in the Atlanta area. They will have the relationships to know if the subdivision is one right for you and also they can help you with finding reviews and even information from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Not As Must Room For Negotiating

Unlike purchasing existing inventory, with buying new construction in Atlanta, the price 9/10 is what it is. So you can’t go in thinking you will provide a lower price than listed and a real estate agent working on your behalf would know that. But one of the great things about buying new construction is builder incentives. Builder incentives are given by builders to bring in buyers. Things like finishing basements, closing cost assistance, flooring, you name it and they probably have done it to get you to buy their homes. Sometimes when builders have lots left that they need to get purchased, you can find builder incentives to prompt more buyers to come in to buy. Your real esate agent can assist you with finding out the incentives for the new construction home you are looking for.

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