Your Guide To Moving To Gwinnett County Georgia

Here is your guide to moving to Gwinnett County GA. So you have decided to move to Gwinnett County in Georgia. Gwinnett is one of the most sought after places to live in Georgia. Gwinnett is a highly diverse county with one of the top school districts in the state. Positioned in the northeast metro of Atlanta, you have the luxury of buying homes that have more land and space, but still close enough to the city of Atlanta if you choose to take in a game, show, or dinner. But when you move to Gwinnett, you will quickly find out that Gwinnett has quite a lot of entertainment, dining, and local sports teams that you don’t have to go anywhere.

There are several different neighborhoods in Gwinnett whether you are looking for a large neighborhood in Duluth or a gated neighborhood in Snellville, the diversity of the neighborhoods is vast.

Commuting in Gwinnett

Living in Gwinnett, you have different options of commuting to work. A large percentage of Gwinnett residents commute to downtown for employment. You have the option to drive your car to get around Gwinnett and commute to work. There are here are interstate, highways, and roads to get you to where you need. I-85 has a pass called the Georgia Peach Pass that you can use to zoom past traffic jams for a fee per use. It can also be used on other interstates like I-75 if you are in the area.

Gwinnett also has an express bus that will take you to different drop offs downtown and return you to different drop offs in Gwinnett called Xpress. They have flexible schedules and will allow you to get to work downtown without having to drive or if you like to work or sleep on your way to work, you can do that also.

You also have the option of using Gwinnett’s own transit system. Gwinnett County Transit will allow you to get to destinations around the Gwinnett area. Currently, this includes buses. Be sure to check their website for schedules.

And of course, there is ride share like Uber and Lyft to get you around.

Schools in Gwinnett

If you need to find a place to live with great schools, look no further than Gwinnett. Gwinnett County Public Schools is the largest school system in Georgia. There are more than 140+ schools in Gwinnett Public Schools and the district is one of the state’s more diverse.

And Gwinnett schools has some of the best sports teams in the nation! The home to state champions in most sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and more, Gwinnett has several students receive scholarships to some of the top college teams in the country.

But not to be outdone by the high sports achievements, Gwinnett student receive some of the highest honors and scholarships in the country, including have a top 20 high school in the country in the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology.

One school district within Gwinnett is one of the most sought after school districts in the state in Buford City Schools. Buford City Schools is one of the top school districts in the state that includes one of the nicest looking high schools in Buford High and one of the top sports teams in Gwinnett who are constant state champs.

In Lawrenceville, you can continue your education at Gwinnett Technical College or get a 4 year degree at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Entertainment in Gwinnett

Remember that entertainment I was telling you about? Well, Gwinnett has many entertainment venues to catch shows and concerts. The Infinite Energy Center is place you can watch ballet and dance like ‘The Nutcracker’, concerts, or you can catch some of the local sports like hockey with the Atlanta Gladiators or Lacrosse in the Gwinnett Swarm. If baseball is your thing, you can check out the Gwinnett Stripers just down the street from the Mall of Georgia.

Not to be outdone by the bigger venues, the local town have their own venues that have concerts and other entertainment. Living in Sugar Hill, The Bowl at Sugar Hill ill and Suwanee Town Center Park are 2 places me and my family visit often. Here is a list of entertainment venues in Gwinnett to find entertainment when moving to Gwinnett

Houses For Sale in Gwinnett

The housing market in Gwinnett GA is still booming and you can still find a home in Gwinnett Under $300,000. The median home price at the time of this article is $285,000 and the values are still increasing. This is very good news for home owners and home owners looking to purchase when moving to Gwinnett County.

It is important to know that housing inventory is low nationwide and this includes Gwinnett, so this means that if you are moving to Gwinnett, it is important to connect with a local expert (The AtlantaHouse Nerds Real Estate Team can help with that – 404-654-3595 or 770.475.1130 X2612/ so that a plan can be put in place and we can begin to inquire about new homes on your behalf until you are ready to come down. We have worked with several clients nationwide who were looking to move into the Atlanta metro area to be the eyes and ears for them until they were ready to buy their home. We have worked with clients as far as Iraq to help find a new home in the Gwinnett and Atlanta area.

The homes in Gwinnett for sale has different types of homes that you can buy including single family detached, condos, or townhomes. If you need to find a home in Gwinnett with a pool, you can easily find one that suits you and your family’s needs.

So when you are ready to move to Gwinnett GA, give us a call so that we can start to build a plan for you, be your eyes and ears, and make sure that the home you want doesn’t leave the market because you are across the country or across the state. Call us 404-654-3595 or 770.475.1130 X2612 or you can email us

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