Gwinnett County Home Closing with the Williams Family

From the beginning, we sat down with the Williams family for a buyer consultation which allowed us an opportunity to fully understand what their needs were. I was able to explain the process and the current market conditions to prepare them for the journey. They were open to not rushing and so that they could find the perfect home for their family.

We looked at several different homes, allowing them to gather their thoughts on what they wanted in their new home from what they definitely didn’t want. Through it all, they remained faithful that God would lead them in the right direction and make it clear which home they would start their next chapter.

The home they choose was not the initial home I had planned to show them. However, they were driving through the neighborhood across the street from where we were supposed to meet and there was an open sign in front of this particular home. When we entered, it had all the features collectively from all the other homes that we looked at. And right away, they knew that this was going to be their new home.

This family has taught me what it needs to not just say “have faith” but what it means to live it. They never wavered, never stressed only waited patiently for God’s plans to unfold. They trusted him completely even when the road got bumpy. It was truly a blessing to see prayers being answered and a new chapter starting for this family.

Congratulations to the Williams Family on your new home. Thank you for inviting us along on this journey. And thank you for deciding to #ChooseANerd!

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