Real Estate Closing with The Johnsons – #ChooseANerd

Thank God for another smooth closing today. It was a wonderful day to witness another family transition to a new home and add a new chapter to their lives.

The Johnson family came through a lead source online a couple of months ago and when these 2 islands ladies connected (Jamaica Mon!), it was time for us to come up with a plan and go shopping.

Sancha was able to assist the Johnsons with finding a home and also using some of her underwriting experience to assist with providing value through the financial portions where it’s important to stay on top of the process.

Their daughter was really excited, charismatic, and smart. She assisted her parents with the closing and officially became a ‘Nerd’ today! I loved how they allowed her to be involved in the process. That’s the thing about homeownership. It can provide you with great advantages, but many don’t understand how homeownership impacts the mindset of younger generations. Understanding the process of homeownership will help her in the future. I have no doubt that she will be ready when it’s her time to actually sign for her first home.

I wish the best for the Johnsons and know we will see them soon. But for now, I’m sure they will be busy packing, moving and unpacking.

On behalf of the Atlanta House Nerds Team with Solid Source Realty Inc., I want to thank the Johnsons for believing in our team and that we could help deliver.

Thank you for choosing us to help close the deal…

Thank you for deciding to Choose A Nerd!


Christopher & Sancha Walker

Atlanta House Nerds | Solid Source Realty Inc.
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