Real Estate Closing with Donna Masiak – #ChooseANerd

Atlanta Real Estate Closing with Donna Masiak – #ChooseANerd

I’ve known Donna for years as a friend, so when I got the call from her earlier this year about our team selling her home, I knew that we were well equipped to get her house sold as quickly as possible and for top dollar. I have worked with buyers and sellers who were remote and assisting Donna while she lived in Ohio was well within our experience.

We were able to get her home ready and fully staged for buyers and when we did, we got a flood of traffic the first day the home was listed. We even received an offer the same day as a matter of fact. After a couple of days, she received an offer that once it was reviewed, ended up being the offer we closed on today.

There were a few hiccups along the way beyond our control (that’s any real estate transaction right), but I made sure to not only remain in constant contact with Donna, but stayed on top of the buying agent and whoever else I needed to stay on top of to get this done. Anything that needed to be answered, we made sure that we answered it so that we could finally get to the closing table and so Donna didn’t have to worry.

The key thing throughout the selling process is to remain calm and assess the situation and you will finally get the home sold…And we did!

Christopher and I would like to thank Donna for entrusting us to be her eyes and ears while she was in Ohio.

We are so glad that she decided to Choose A Nerd 🙂


Christopher & Sancha Walker

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