Real Estate Closing with The Lawrence Family – #ChooseANerd

We had the pleasure of crossing paths with the Lawrence Family through Facebook earlier this year. After conversations, we found out that the Lawrence’s were looking to sell their home and buy a new one. After sitting down for a seller consultation, we both felt that it would be in our best interests to work together.

From the moment of go, we devised a winning marketing plan that included Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, high definition photos, and 4K video to showcase the house for potential buyers. We also provided other online marketing tactics that brought a flood of buyers coming into their doors. We got multiple offers within hours of listing and soon after careful review, the Lawrence’s decided to accept the offer of the buyers who eventually bought the house.

As with any transaction in real estate, the real work began as we worked to get to the closing table. And although there were some bumps in the road, we were confident that our team was built to withstand them and help our clients achieve success. The Lawrence’s trusted our process and our team’s decision and was able to sell their home.

We want to thank Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence and family for allowing us to represent them and thank them for deciding to #ChooseANerd

Sancha Walker & Christopher Walker


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